Hello and welcome to my website! I agonized over what to put on this site so please enjoy it. And plan to come back and visit again! I will continually update the site with whatever fun new projects I’m working on. If you want to see what I’m up to on a daily basis, check out my Instagram @ielizabethkate! If there’s something you’re dying to ask me, DM me or just send me an email. I love hearing from people.


As an actress and writer I feel like I have the best of both worlds. When I’m working on a film or TV project, it completely takes over my life. But when the project ends (and it’s so sad when they do!), I always have my writing to pick up until the next acting gig comes along.


Did I mention I have the coveted Diploma from the Wine and Spirits Education Trust out of the UK? I do. It’s like a Master’s Degree. For me wine was kind of a hobby that went viral. I LOVE good wine. Now I LOVE good wine and whisky! It’s an expensive hobby to have so I dearly love my friends with great collections who like to share. In my spare time I write about wine and spirits. I like to imagine myself one day having a fabulous cellar of my own where I can share all my favorite wines (and whiskies) from around the world with my nearest and dearest. And no, I don’t have a favorite wine. It’s too hard to choose just one, although Chateauneuf-du-Pape is right up there near the top. Honestly, it’s delicious and so much fun to say!


Everything I see and hear around me gives me inspiration to create so you will usually find me with a notebook in my hand taking notes on something. I love beautiful notebooks and get great satisfaction in filling them up with words. I’m always jotting down funny things I see or hear and those things have a habit of making their way into my films and plays. 


Someone very wise once told me, if you want to be a writer, you must be a reader. I LOVE to read. Nothing better than curling up on a comfy chair and reading all afternoon! Reading fuels my imagination and keeps me writing. Yep, it’s a win/win.


Thanks for having a look at the site and I hope to see you again soon!